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In the giveaway there is…
Purple strapless dress
Juicy couture perfume
Forever new purse
Victorias secret lip gloss
Mac laptop
Iphone 4
White knit jersey
Red knit jersey
Pink see-through top
Pink highwasted shorts
Jean highwasted shorts
2x necklaces
Victorias secret bag
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In the giveaway there is…

  1. Purple strapless dress
  2. Juicy couture perfume
  3. Forever new purse
  4. Victorias secret lip gloss
  5. Mac laptop
  6. Iphone 4
  7. White knit jersey
  8. Red knit jersey
  9. Pink see-through top
  10. Pink highwasted shorts
  11. Jean highwasted shorts
  12. 2x necklaces
  13. Victorias secret bag

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